Monday, December 8, 2008

Powerful women's websites

I received an email notice this morning of a comment posted on one of my networking profiles and thought I'd share it as well as links to some other great websites for women.

This morning was from Sue Urda at I haven't had much of a chance yet to browse through this site. She has a network of womens groups through the US and is looking at expanding into Canada. by Jill Bertelli - online ebooks & course + members forum. I joined this site back in September 2008 and have been slowly going through the lessons. My membership fee was somewhere around $34 US for a year & a portion of the site proceeds is donated to charities.
"The Venus Factor website is an online learning center that focuses on empowering women physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It was created by Jill Bertelli, LCSW in 2008 and is based on over 20 years of research, study and professional experience in therapy, nutrition, exercise, wellness, behavioral models of change and spiritual searching."

And the last, for men & women, is It is built on a social networking site known as This site originally started when the movie "The Secret" first came out. It has undergone a transformation in the last year or so. It now boasts over 10,000 members (membership is free) and has a variety of group discussion topics such as law of attraction, gratitude, indigo adults, spiritual guides, Abraham-Hicks, Switchwords, numerology, astrology, buddhism, dreams, abundance for beginners, Venus Factor, energy reading practice, Easy World, affirmations and so many more! Members also share photos, inspirational videos & music, blogs.

Both Powerful Intentions and Venus Factor have been great relief valves & discussions for me this past fall as I work through some personal internal clutter and gain a deeper understanding of the universal laws.

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