Tuesday, October 7, 2008

WOVEN Event - Vijay Basdeo - Embracing Leadership

Oct 6 - WOVEN - Women of Vision and Excellence Network Event

Thank you Vijay for being willing to provide an impromptu evening to help initiate the "Community/Training" room at Marian's and Bob's home. We look forward to many more WOVEN events in future. Thanks to the WOVEN women who came out on such short notice: Colleen A., Suzette E., Lynn H., and Marian. Thank you to Maggie who made a lovely roast chicken and potato supper for all. Thanks to Bob for holding the space for all of us!

I am so touched by the meaningful conversation and shared vision that emerged between us.
Next event: TBA soon!

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vijay basdeo said...

What a great opportunity to meet some fascinating and caring women from the community of Terrace. It is through these intimate groups that our leadership and vision can be expanded and supported . I hope to be back soon and offer my services in the "Embracing Leadership" workshop. To awaken and identify the potential for each of us to live and contribute from the fullness of our being is my passion. Keep up the great work!