Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Unity Church

I've never been a religious person as the majority of the churches I've attended haven't felt comfortable. A bit of a disappointment to my mother who was raised Reorganized Latter Day Saints. I didn't want to be a member out of fear of being - cast into hell for not being baptised. And I couldn't decide - was there a god? So I slowly floundered along developing my spirituality.

I still have problems with the term "God" because of my belief associations with some of man's definitions and his use of God's name to start religious wars. But in the past couple of years I've come to believe I am a part of the universe, universal energy and as such everyone is a part of me and I'm a part of them. Instead of "God" I use "Divine" or "universe".

About a year ago I came across the magazine "Issues For Empowerment" for the first time. This was the first place I'd come across the Unity Church concept. I was curious, but didn't do any research into the church. Until about a month ago when I received an email through a subscription to Anita Pathik Law, a notice that she would be speaking at the Unity Church of Creative Living (Florida). This got my attention - a church that invited "whoo whoo meditators" to speak to members.

So I Googled the website of Unity Church of Creative Living in Jacksonville, Florida and received a very pleasant surprise. Not only do they have the usual ministries, they have meditation groups, drumming events, Tai Chi classes, toning circles (eg. crystal singing bowls), tarot group, and guest speakers like Echkart Tolle. A little research into Unity Church brings to light that they believe salvation isn't limited to after death - that salvation occurs now when you are conscious of your spirituality. That heaven and hell are not locations - it's our states of consciousness. That baptism is the symbolic inflow of spirit - an individual mental/spiritual process.

This sounds more like a church where I believe I'd feel at home. Unfortunately, I'd have to move to at least the southern interior in order to physically attend a church. Thanks to the Internet, I've discovered for my further investigation Unity FM and a variety of services are podcasted.

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